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  1. Is Saturn able to change effects loops order or put in parallel?
    No, given our characteristic of maximum signal fidelity with our ultra reduced size, Saturn is not able to change the order of the loops. However, an expansible module capable of making these functions is under development. The module is expected to be launched in July 2023 and is integrated direct with Saturn via Wireless Connectivity.


  2. What is the Antenna used for?
    The antenna serves to establish communication with other Saturno® products. The products are about to be launched in 2023 with many new features. The first product is our module capable of changing the order of the effects and placing them in parallel.


  3. What is the Saturn's USB compatibility?
    USB Type-C Port: The Saturn is compatible with macOs, iOS, Windows, Linux and Android.
    USB A Port: Saturno is compatible with most of USB equipment. Here is some examples: Zoom, Hotone, Mooer, Nux, Flamma, Boss Gt-1, Boss Katana, Marshall Code, Strymon Iridium,etc...

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