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Welcome to the Update Center!

Here you will find the latest firmware versions of our products!


Make sure you have our Firmware Updater Software.
The executable can be downloaded from the icon above.

To find out how to use and install our software click here.

The latest firmware versions can be downloaded from the links below:


saturn manual

Now you can have access to our Manual, enjoy and learn as much as you can!

Installation Procedures

  1. Open the executable "Saturno_Firmware_Updater_Installer.exe"

  2. Follow the instructions to the end and check the box: "Run Saturn Firmware Updater"

  3. Restart the computer.

Update Procedures

  1. With the Saturno controller turned on and the "Firmware Update" USB port disconnected, go to the third page of the "Global Configurations" menu and click on "Firmware Update".

  2. Click "Yes, reset", the controller will be reset in update mode.

  3. With the controller in update mode, connect the "USB Type-C" cable, connecting the "Firmware Update" USB port on the controller to the computer.

  4. Open the "Saturn Firmware Updater" program.

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